Swiss Healing Rock Powder


1941, the Founder of the Centre, Anton C. Meier (1936 - 2017) fell seriously ill with infantile paralysis. As a result of his illness, Emma Kunz discovered in the Roman Quarry in Würenlos the healing rock to which she gave the name AION A. The word "aion" comes from the Greek and means "without limitation". With this, Emma Kunz pointed out the universal therapeutic possibilities of her discovery. She demonstrated the enormously powerful healing capacity for the first time in her treatment of Anton C. Meier. It derives, according to Emma Kunz, not only from the special mineral composition of AION A, but especially from its accumulated biodynamic energy. Particular benefit is achieved in the treatment of all types of inflammation processes.


Emma Kunz recognized that the pulsing substance was active not only on the physical body but also especially on its highest spiritual levels. Emma Kunz declared: "The universal power of AION A must be made accessible to mankind". Many doctors, healers and therapists have since then carried out her wish with great success. AION A has thus become an indispensable assistance for many people in the treatment of, for example, rheumatological problems, in all sports injuries, and damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The swiss rock powder AION A (medical device category I approved by Swissmedic, Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products) is available in Switzerland in pharmacies and chemist's shops.

«I haver never felt such powerful healing forces! This is the rock we must grind to make the powder.»   Emma Kunz

«Particularly in today's climate of reorientation and reflection on the values of nature and its
healings powers, AION A has a major role to play.»   Prof. Dr. med. H.-D. Hentschel, München

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