Emma Kunz Museum

Permanent exhibition at the Emma Kunz Centre


On 17 October 1991, the Museum was inaugurated and since then around 40 works of Emma Kunz have been on public display. The peaceful clear atmosphere of the environment in the Museum invites visitors to participate in an intense dialogue.

Emma Kunz reveals her perceptions in large format drawings on graph paper the significance of which is beyond the mere aesthetic. They are a visible witness of her researches. These are strictly geometric artistic expressions, in lead or color pencil, and crayon on graph paper, the contents of which are, among other things, answers to her questions on life and its mental relationships.


Each color and each shape had for Emma Kunz a precise meaning in her understanding of the world. The pictures served for her as an answer to her quest for understanding. Her pictures have been displayed in many important Swiss and overseas museums.

«My drawings are designed for the 21st century. They also convey composition and form as dimension, rhythm, symbol

and transformation of numbers and principles.»   Emma Kunz