Emma Kunz Grotto

This special place of power and vitality in the Roman Quarry in Würenlos constitutes the heart of the Emma Kunz Centre. It has become a spiritual and energetic meeting point for mankind. The rock Grotto is a large wide space, a place of contemplation with strong and at the same time subtle forces. Emma Kunz visited it repeatedly in order to, as she herself said, "to recharge her batteries".


The fascination that this retreat of stillness and contemplation exercises on people has a quite special reason. Countless biophysical measurements endorse the amazing level of energy, which, originating in the inner mantle of the earth, has been permeating the rocks for millions of years.


This pulsing, energetic force is concentrated especially here in the mighty Grotto. It is sought out by visitors in order to utilize the equilibrating and harmonizing effect on body and mind. What effect does a visit to the Emma Kunz Grotto have? Just expose yourself to the experience. Everyone coming here can experience stored biodynamic powers, for the Grotto holds for each of us its own personal language and its own messages.


«The grotto has a balancing and harmonising effect on both mind and body.

It enables me to unwind and recharge my batteries.»  Emma Kunz

Reservation of the Emma Kunz Grotto


Opening hours Grotto and Museum

Tuesday to Sunday, 12.00 to 5 p.m.


Public holidays


The reservation of the grotto in advance is essential. Please reserve the grotto online or call us from Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 11.30 a.m.

phone +41 56 424 20 60.

Plan of the Emma Kunz Grotto

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