Emma Kunz - Heliography



It is considered the most demanding and perfected reproduction technology in the craft of printing.

Only clear and highly pigmented colors are used for manual heliography. The utilized pigments are

carefully selected and come up to highest lightfast standards.


The drawing "AION A" is one of her key works exhibited at the Emma Kunz Center. A limited edition is available as manual heliography in original dimensions. This reproduction process is the only one producing genuine continuous tone without showing printing patterns.



AION A - Heliography, unframed

50th year of death of Emma Kunz

Format 90 x 69.5 cm

CHF 2 874.00

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AION A - Heliography, framed

50th year of death of Emma Kunz

Format 73.5 x 73.5 cm

CHF 3 874.00

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